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Company Profile

About us

Beijing Biotai Co., Ltd. and all staff are dedicate-d to providing customers with the best techni-cal solutions, quality products and after-sales services, and strive to promote the developme-nt of China's food safety industry.


Company Profile

Beijing Biotai Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2012 which integrates the introduction, research and

development, production, sales and service of food safety rapid testing reagents and instruments. Headquartered

in Beijing Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, it has top R&D laboratories, standardized

production workshops, verification centers and training centers. It has offices in various regions of China.

Beijing Zhongjian Yutai

Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

All employees of the company adhere to the

tenet of "serving customers, creating value,

and returning to society". We are willing to

work with customers to create, develop and

share tomorrow!

Development concept

The company is committed to the introduction, promotion and development of advanced food safety testing, laboratory instruments and environmental testing equipment.


Development strategy

The company's technical staff has worked in environmental laboratories for many years, presided over or participated in many national projects, and is familiar with various analytical instruments. 



Since established, the company has been committed to the introduction, research and development and promotion of the most accurate and advanced food safety testing technology. The self-developed products include Biotai

vitamins, choline carnitine, lactulose, and illegal additive testing kits. Biotai is the domestic general agents of Charm, Evergreen and Agdia. Products include colloidal gold test strips, ELISA kits, rapid detecting instruments, involving

veterinary drug residues, mycotoxins, pesticide, food ingredients, illegal additives, GMO, plant pathogen, microbial detection, etc. It can provide fast, accurate and reliable testing programs and services for government regulatory

agencies and food companies. And collaborate with the government agency, for example establishing united labora-tories, developing new testing methods jointly.

Biotai has experienced R&D team, service team and sales team, which can provide you with excellent products, best solutions, professional training and perfect  service.