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Plant Pathogen Tests

Plant Pathogen Tests

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Charm ROSA antibiotic sidestream test strip

American Charm ROSA antibiotic detection strip is based on ligand receptor detection technology. Since its invention, this technology has been widely used in many countries and regions in the world because of its high specificity and strong anti-interference ability. It has been used by the United States, the European Union, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions serve as statutory testing tools for food safety testing agencies. Test strips have been approved by regulatory agencies around the world.

Receptor ligand detection technology uses the drug residue to be tested as a ligand, and skillfully solves the problem of drug residue in highly specific identification samples. Based on this principle, the ROSA test strip can identify the parent ring of the drug with high specificity and high affinity, and has more cross-reaction than the antigen-antibody technology.

Charm ROSA antibiotic sidestream test strip

The Charm II test is designed for use by veterinarians, laboratories and regulators and requires operation on the Charm II system. A comprehensive analysis of veterinary drug residues in a variety of matrices is available, with sensitivity to meet the Chinese, EU MRL and US FDA limits.

Charm II antibiotic detection uses binding reagents with specific receptor sites. The binding reagent is added to the sample along with the tracer labeled ligand reagent. The veterinary drug residue in the sample competes with the tracer for binding to the receptor site. The amount of tracer bound to the receptor site is determined and compared to the control point (the threshold between the control point being a negative or positive sample). The higher the dose of the tracer, the lower the concentration of the veterinary drug residue in the sample, and the smaller the dose of the tracer, the greater the residual concentration of the veterinary drug in the sample.

Biorex Veterinary Drug Residue ELISA Kit

The British Biorex Veterinary Drug Residue ELISA Kit uses the principle of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to quantitatively detect veterinary drug residues in various samples such as tissues, milk, honey, urine, and feed. Sample preparation is simple and fast, with high sensitivity and accuracy, and the results are comparable to HPLC/MS.


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