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finance professional

finance professional

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2019/02/21 22:14
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  1. Responsible for keeping track of the administrative general ledger and various detailed accounts. The procedures are complete, the figures are accurate, the writing is neat, the registration is timely, and the book is clear.

  2. Responsible for the preparation of monthly, quarterly, year-end final accounts and other related statements.

  Third, assist the manager to prepare and implement the budget of the whole hospital.

  Fourth, carefully review the original vouchers, and the vouchers that violate the regulations or fail to be accepted should be rejected. Strictly control the scope of expenditure and expenditure standards.

  5. Regularly check the fixed assets accounts and match the accounts.

  6. When the higher-level financial institution inspects the work, it shall be responsible for providing information and reflecting the situation.

  Seventh, report the financial situation to the manager in writing every month, be a good manager and serve as a financial supervisor.

  8. Regularly bind accounting vouchers, account books, lists, etc., and keep them in good condition. The accounting files of the year were kept by accountants, and the accounting files of previous years were kept by the school archives.

  9. Assist the cashier in the payment of wages and bonuses.

  X. Responsible for the control of financial seals and strict control of the issuance of checks.

  XI. Fill in the audit statements on time, carefully check and report the accounting information on time.

  12. Strengthen safety awareness and safety precautions, strictly implement safety systems in financial management, and ensure that safety issues are not eliminated.

  XIII. Strictly abide by, implement national financial and economic laws and regulations and financial accounting systems, and do accounting work well.

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